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Duran Duran - Lonely In Your Nightmare

Lonely In Your Nightmare (1982)

Famous Quotes About Criticism

"If criticism had any power to harm, The skunk would be extinct by now." Fred Allen

"I never give them hell; I just tell them the truth and they think it is hell."  Harry Truman

"Honest criticism is hard to take, particularly from a relative, a friend, an acquaintance, or a stranger."  Franklin P. Jones
"To avoid criticism do nothing, say nothing, be nothing"  Elbert Hubbard

"I criticize by creation--not by finding fault." 
Charles Churchill

The public is the only critic whose opinion is worth anything at all.  Mark Twain 
"People ask for criticism, but they only want praise."  Somerset Maugham

What Is Criticism?

What is criticism? It can be an opinion from a friend or from someone you don't know. Sometimes, people do it for the sake of doing it or they are bored. Some criticism is constructive, destructive, or just plain nasty. Some people can take it or leave it. But it's there and always will be. You can choose whether to let it affect you or not. I choose not. What do you choose?

Amy Jade Winehouse 1983-2011

Rehab (2007)
You Know I'm No Good (2007)
Body And Soul (2011) with Tony Bennett
Amy Jade Winehouse September 14, 1983 - July 23, 2011

Black Roccatella Abigail Satchel Via MyHabit

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Black Roccatella Abigail Satchel Via MyHabit $71 $108 Originally $269 MyHabit
Note: This website REALLY is becoming a habit of mine. Not only because of the $25 off discount (SUMMER25) but the great items they have for sale! I'm loving MyHabit and you will too! Remember to join and take advantage of the discounts which are as follows: SUMMER25 ($25 off) good until August 1, 2011 &  MYHABITX ($10) good until September 1, 2011. 

I got this handbag on July 25th and it was too big. That's what I get for not checking the measurements. Always check your measurements if you are not sure about the size. I sent it back, unfortunately.

Whoopi Goldberg Quotes

"It's being willing to walk away that gives you strength and power - if you're willing to accept the consequences of doing what you want to do."

Marilyn Monroe Quotes

"We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle."

Selena - No Me Queda Mas (There's Nothing Left Fo Me) Including Lyrics In Both Spanish and English

No Me Queda Mas (There's Nothing Left For Me)(1994)

Spanish Lyrics:No Me Queda Mas
No me queda mas que perderme en un abismo
De tristeza y lagrimas
No me queda mas
que aguantar bien mi derrota
y brindarte, felicidad
No me queda mas
si tu regreso hoy sería
una imposibilidad
Y esto que no era amor, lo que hoy niegas
Lo que dices que nunca pasó
Es el más dulce recuerdo de mi vida
Yo tenía una esperanza
en el fondo de mi alma
Que un día te quedaras tú conmigo
Y aún guardaba una ilusion
que alimentaba al corazón,
mi corazón que hoy tiene que verte como sólo amigo
Y aunque viví enamorada y totalmente equivocada
No me importa,
porque esto sí fue amor
Por mi parte, lo más lindo, el más grande amor
Y aunque siempre lo renuncies, para mí
Fue lo más bello
Fue lo más bello
English Lyrics:I Have Nothing Left
I have nothing left
But to lose myself in an abyss of sadness and tears
I have nothing left
But to accept defeat and wish you happiness
I have nothing left
Your return today would be an impossib…

Marilyn Monroe Quotes

"We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets." 

Silver Squiggle Teardrop Charm Bracelet Via Argento Vivo At MyHabit

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Silver Squiggle Teardrop Charm Bracelet Via Argento Vivo At MyHabit  $1.31 Sale $28 Originally $56 MyHabit
Note: I was able to purchase this beautiful silver bracelet for practically nothing! Right now, there is one  promo code that you can use towards the purchase of anything at MyHabit! It is: MYHABITX ($10) good until September 1, 2011. The wonderful thing about MyHabit is that there's FREE shipping and returns in the USA! International is $15.
The sample sales go live at 9am PST/12pm EST and change daily.
Membership is free! PLEASE check them out! MyHabit

I received this bracelet a few days ago and I have to say that it's beautiful and dainty. It's my new lucky charm!

Love & Beauty Scented Nail Polish in Rose from Forever21

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Love & Beauty Scented Nail Polish from Forever21 in Rose $2.80 Love & Beauty Scented Nail Polish in Red

Love & Beauty Nail Polish in Dusty Blue from Forever21


Billy Joel/Huey Lewis - Why Should I Worry & Once Upon A Time In New York City (Oliver and Company Soundtrack)

Why Should I Worry (1988)
Once Upon A Time In New York (1988)

Beige Oval Jewel Earrings Via DealPulp

Beige Oval Jewel Earrings Via DealPulp $5.03 Orig. $19.50 DealPulp
Note: These pretty earrings were $6.50 and with my $5 credit I ended up paying for s/h which was $2.99 and tax. DealPulp is a great website! It's just been relaunched.They have daily deals and wonderful accessories at great prices! Please check them out!

I received these earrings in the mail July 26th and they are very pretty and big. Good quality also! I'm definitely going to wear them on special occasions!

Etta James - My Dearest Darling

My Dearest Darling (1960)

Connie Stevens - 16 Reasons

16 Reasons (1960)

Angelo Badalamenti & City Of Prague Orchestra - Jitterbug (Mulholland Dr. Soundtrack)

Jitterbug (Mulholland Dr. Soundtrack) (2001)

INXS - Elegantly Wasted

Elegantly Wasted (1997)

INXS - Original Sin

Original Sin (1984)

Mae West Quotes

"The score never interested me, only the game."

Famous Quotes

"A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It's jolted by every pebble on the road." Henry Ward Beecher

Liz Claiborne At JCPenney

I'm loving the Liz Claiborne collection at JCPenney. I have a thing for pattern and abstract prints especially in tops. I have a few LC pieces but I'm always looking to expand my wardrobe. Not only for summer but for the fall. What's wonderful about LC  being sold exclusively at JCPenney is the fact that there's always sales!And you can use coupons as well! Liz Claiborne At JCPenney
Note: Sorry about the photo size. I couldn't find bigger images.

Max Q - Way Of The World & Sometimes

Way Of The World (1989)
Sometimes (1989)

Famous Quotes

"I don't like to be labeled as lonely just because I am alone." Delta Burke

Joe Tex - One Monkey Don't Stop No Show & Ain't Gonna Bump No More

One Monkey Don't Stop No Show (1965)
Ain't Gonna Bump No More (1977)

Lone Justice - Ways To Be Wicked & Sweet, Sweet Baby (I'm Falling)

Lone Justice - Ways To Be Wicked (1985)

Lone Justice - Sweet, Sweet Baby (I'm Falling) (1985)

Mae West Quotes

“I'll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure.”

Famous Quotes

"A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband." Michel de Montaigne

I Want This T-Shirt!

 I love this! What a cool thing to have on a t-shirt. I have to admit when I tweet I kinda feel like I am tweeting to myself. Tweet Like No One Is Following
Busted Tees is a great website if you like funny t-shirts. I know I do! Check them out! Busted Tees

Willy Deville - It's So Easy (Death Proof Soundtrack)

Willy Deville - It's So Easy (1987)

The Coasters - Down In Mexico (Death Proof Soundtrack)

Down In Mexico (1970)

Dave Dee Dozy, Beaky Mick & Tich - Hold Tight (Death Proof Soundtrack

Hold Tight (1966)

April March - Chick Habit (Death Proof Soundtrack)

Chick Habit (1995)

Linda Scott - I've Told Every Little Star (Mulholland Dr. Soundtrack)

I've Told Every Little Star (1961)

Famous Quotes

"Rule your mind or it will rule you"
Horace Horace

The Color Blue

Blue is my favorite color. Always has been. Always will be, it seems. It's not just for the guys. It is pretty. It is bold. It is feminine. It is a mood. To me, it's beautiful. In Spanish, it's called azul. It's the color of the sky, the ocean, of human and animal eyes. There are many shades of blue. Varied. Abstract. Simple. Brilliant. Bright. So many words describe the color blue.

Famous Quotes

"A sense of humor is a major defense against minor troubles."
Mignon McLaughlin

Gold Vintage Cuff Bracelet Via Ananda Saba Designs At Etsy

Gold Vintage Cuff Bracelet Via Ananda Saba Designs At Etsy $7 Originally $15 Ananda Saba Designs At Note: I have a thing for bracelets and cuff especially stuff my Grandmother might have collected or bought. I was able to purchase this vintage piece via When I joined Heartsy, I was given a $5 credit to use towards purchasing a voucher to buy handmade items on One of the picks of the day, Ananda Saba Designs had a deal to get a $25 store credit voucher for $12. I used my $5 credit and paid $7 of my own money to get the voucher. So, I basically paid $7 for the gold vintage cuff bracelet and shipping. The deals at are exceptional!  Check it out at this link: Heartsy

Havaianas Slim Peacock Flip Flops In Dark Grey Via eBay

Havaianas Slim Peacock Flip Flops in Dark Grey via eBay $13.99 Note: I've never owned Havaianas before and I found these listed on eBay. So I decided to buy them and see if they are as comfortable as others had suggested.

Happy 4th Of July!


Famous Quotes

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."   Victor Frankl

Why Do You Dress So Boring?

People ask me why do I dress so boring? Well, I'm older yet not so wise and I dress the way I do because I'm about comfort. I'm not a fashion plate and I never will be. Don't ask for my advice because I won't know what to say. All you can do is be yourself. Dress any way you like but ALWAYS be true to yourself. If you get criticized, you can choose to ignore itor respond to it. Remember, you can't change other people but you can change the way you respond to things.

Homeboy Industries

Homeboy Industries is an outstanding company that helps gang members better themselves by offering job training, placement, anger management, tattoo removal, substance abuse and addiction assistance. The company is based in Downtown Los Angeles and is run by Father Greg Boyle. For more information and if you would like to donate, please click the link:
Homeboy Industries
I am a big fan of Homeboy Bakery. They have delicious baked goods. My favorites are the coffee cake, cookies, and brownies.Not only do they have a bakery at their Downtown LA location but they also offer their goodies at various farmers markets. Homegirl Cafe offers splendid breakfast, lunch, and saturday brunch menus. If you're in the Downtown LA area, you must check out Homeboy Industries, Homegirl Cafe, and Homeboy bakery, you won't be disappointed!  Links: Homegirl Cafe Homeboy Bakery