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The High and Low: Tweezerman Slant® Tweezers and Trim Deluxe Slant Tip Tweezers

I once owned a pair of Tweezerman slant® tweezers and had them for several years. I recently lost them and looked into getting another pair but at $22 I said no. So I went to my local Target and saw the Trim deluxe slant tip tweezers. They look similar to the Tweezerman and both are made of stainless steel. But when it came to price that's where the comparison ends. At $2, the Trim is a bargain and it has a lifetime guarantee! What tweezers do you use???

What I've Been Obsessing Over Lately...

When Spring here, I've been obsessing lately over spring scarves. I found two from my favorite retailers: The Foundary and JCPenney. Of course, the prices were right. The Big Buddha striped brown scarf has a fall/winter look to it but it can be worn in the spring as well. I believe in wearing whatever makes you happy. Even though, I'm not a slave to fashion I do like a lot of trends. I do try to stay true to myself and to my budget. 
So, what have you been obsessing over lately???

In Honor of Spring...

Let's Go Fly A Kite (1964) - Mary Poppins 

What I Splurged On: Coach


Happy St. Patrick's Day From Her Wicked Ways!


The High and Low: BORN Sitton Moc-Toe Espadrilles and Airwalk Dream A-Line Slip-ons

I like espadrilles and slip-ons like everyone else but I can't afford to splurge on the BORN espadrilles from Eddie Bauer pictured above. I dolike the Airwalk slip-ons from Payless. I went to a local store recently and tried them on. They felt comfortable and was ready to buy them but decided to do so next time. I like Payless shoesource especially for their sandals, slip-ons, and flip flops!

What I Bought: Activa Women's Digital Multi-function Rubber Watch in Royal Blue

What I Bought Now: Activa Women's Digital Multi-function Rubber Watch in Royal Blue Original Price: $59.99 My Price: $15.99
I've previously purchased an Activa watch from The Sample and wanted another in blue. I was lucky to find this beauty in royal blue, silver, and rubber. Currently, I'm in search of a digital watch with rhinestones. 

David Thomas "Davy" Jones 1945 - 2012

David Thomas "Davy" Jones December 30, 1945 - February 29, 2012

The Monkees w/Davy Jones on vocals - "Daydream Believer" (1967)
Davy Jones - "Girl" as performed in "The Brady Bunch"TV episode called "Getting Davy Jones" (1971)
Davy Jones - "Girl" as performed in "The Brady Bunch Movie" (1995)