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The Office On Women's Health Booklet

I got this wonderful little booklet from the Office On Women's Health:

A Day in The Life in Photos: King Harbor Redondo Beach Memorial Day Weekend


Check Out One Kings Lane Memorial Day Blowout Sale!

Do you like exotic, unique, and one of a kind items? I know I do! One Kings Lane is having their Memorial Day Blowout today! I know that I said this before but I'm really liking One Kings Lane and their products. I can't seem to get enough of their daily flash sales! I also love the fact that they also have items that you can't find anywhere else. Check out what they have available today:
Decor & More!

So what do you think? So many wonderful things await you at One Kings Lane! Want to check out One Kings Lane and see what else they got? Shoot, you better hurry up before all the good items go! Today only! See you at One Kings Lane!

Happy Memorial Day From Her Wicked Ways!

Kate Smith - God Bless America 

My Shopping Experiences With One Kings Lane

I love One Kings Lane and I would like to share my shopping experiences with you! They are my favorite flash sales website EVER!

So far, I've found a couple of things at One Kings Lane that I really loved! One of them was the Baggallini Run Away Satchel in navy blue on the outside and leafgreen on the inside. It is the perfect go to handbag! I love how they packed up the handbag with the tenderest of care!

I have a friend who love to bake and I was looking for the ultimate bakery cookbook to give her as a gift. I really had no idea where to look. I saw a link to One Kings Lane and thought about checking them out. This was the first time ever shopping with them! So I saw  the sales they had on different kind of books and found this lovely Magnolia Bakery cookbook. I purchased it and received it with a very pretty smelling One Kings Lane tin candle (not pictured)! Amazing!
Please check out One Kings Lane and tell me what you think! I would love to know!

Margie Sunjun Sandals in Black via G.H. Bass Shoes Outlet

On theG.H. Bass Shoes website, theseMargie Sunjun sandalsretail for $45. These sandals were sheer heaven when I tried them on because I'm constantly looking for comfortable shoes and sandals. I'm not so much into the thong-type sandals anymore because they irritate the skin between my big toes. Comfort, price, and quality is ALWAYS key!

Simple Kind of Life - No Doubt

"Simple Kind Of Life"

For a long time I was in love
Not only in love, I was obsessed
With a friendship that no one else could touch
It didn't work out, I'm covered in shells

And all I wanted was the simple things
A simple kind of life
And all I needed was a simple man
So I could be a wife

I'm so ashamed, I've been so mean
I don't know how it got to this point
I always was the one with all the love
You came along, I'm hunting you down

Like a sick domestic abuser looking for a fight
And all I wanted was the simple things
A simple kind of life

Happy Mother's Day from Her Wicked Ways™


What I Got: Bayer Aspirin, Chick-fil-A Limited Edition Plush Cow, and Tickets to Renissance Pleasure Faire


What I Bought: Picnic Time Messenger Bag

What a great messenger bag! It has multiple purposes and that's exactly what I was looking for! Unfortunately, I forgot where I bought it online :(

What I Got: Target 2012 Spring Beauty Bag!