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What I Got: Unlock The Queen's Castle Necklace From Shabby Apple!

What a beautiful necklace this is! I was lucky to be part of a giveaway with Shabby Apple where you did a screenshot of a Facebook promo. There were three jewelry choices but unfortunately, I was not able to receive one of the choices. Instead, I got the Unlock The Queen's Castle necklace worth $54! I feel as if I received a wonderful Christmas present from a great company...thanks Shabby Apple
Check to see what Shabby Applehas to offer!

Merry Christmas From Her Wicked Ways!


Gilligan & O'Malley Women's Pajama Set from Target

Every year I buy a pajama set from one of my favorite stores and this year I found this wonderful set from Target. It was only $10 bucks! The color is Moroccan blue and it's super soft. There's also other colors available. So check them out!

Fabulous Frugal Finds: Cyber Monday Purchases!

I didn't think I would go and purchase anything for Cyber Monday but well, I did! I'm not a big Cyber Monday and/or Black Friday shopper but I REALLY wanted all these items! I know a lot of people went crazy shopping but I'm on a strict budget. I am so glad that I didn't go overboard on the spending and I find myself very happy with the purchases! So tell me...did you go to town on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?